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Personal Care


Personal care services can greatly benefit the quality of life an elderly individual
has and can give them their freedom back. Our award winning caregivers go
through extensive training that focuses on providing you and your family the
personal care services that you need in order to keep your family in the comfort of
their own home, in a familiar environment that they thrive in.
Our home health care providers assist clients in taking a bath, shower, or sponge
bath, and even help with brushing their hair. Good hygiene promotes health and
well-being, and helps clients take pride in their appearance.

Light Housekeeping

Cleaning Table

When a home is not cleaned appropriately, there may be a number of dangerous bacteria, dust and hazards that can lead to injury or illness. Our goal with our light housekeeping services is to provide you an environment that you and your loved ones are comfortable living in, rather than moving to an assisted living facility that may not feel like home. If you or your loved ones are struggling with maintaining a clean and hygienic home, conduce to happy living, our caregivers can help!

Meal Preparation

Fresh Salad

Nutrition and fuelling your body with whole foods and healthy foods is important and can even improve your quality of life when a proper diet is followed. If you or your loved ones are struggling to prepare and consume healthy meals or snacks, it may be time to hire an in-home caregiver to help! Our award-winning caregivers can assist in several ways when it comes to meal preparation and your dietary needs!

Medication Reminders

Daily dose of vitamins

One of the most important aspects of care is mediation reminders and medication management, which is defined as ensuring the clients prescriptions are being taken with care, at the appropriate time and in the right dosage. 

Ensuring medication is being taken in the appropriate dosage and at the appropriate time to ensure compliance with the prescribed plan from a doctor. The caregiver is trained to follow the prescribed medication schedule that doctors give, guaranteeing you or your loved ones are following the plan given.

Although our caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapy, suppositories or force feeding by law, our caregivers are able to ensure that your loved ones are taking the proper medication at the suitable time in order to comply with doctor protocol.

Respite Care

Holding Hands

For primary or familial caregivers, emotions may run high and they may start to feel burnt out and exhausted. Respite care is a viable option for the caregivers that may be struggling with their daily tasks as a caregiver, as well as the tasks that they have at hand in their personal life. In order to cope with the struggles that a caregiver faces, it is important to know when a break is needed and warranted. Respite services are the perfect option for caregivers that are feeling as though they need a mental, emotional or physical break from a very demanding job. In order to have a health mind, heart and soul, caregivers must recognize when it is time to accept help, decompress and get back to feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on their job!

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